The European Union and Global Research Association (ABKAD) was established on June 12th, 2014 as an independent think-tank and research organization with the support of some academicians specializing in different dimensions of Turkey-European Union relations, as well as experts working on these issues in both the public and private sectors and non-governmental organizations for many years in our country.

ABKAD was established to contribute to the economic and social development of Turkey at the national level and conducts research, organizes events, carries out projects and publishes in the context of various world examples, especially the EU’s basic principles, policies, and Turkey’s harmonization with the EU at the international level.


“ABKAD carries out its activities with an independent, non-partisan approach and within the framework of ethical rules.”


Board of Directors


  • Murat Kavalalı
  • Can Baydarol
    (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Hatice Yazgan
    (Secretary General)
  • Sait Akman
  • Feza Sencer Çörtoğlu
    (Board Member)

Supervisory Board


  • Nurettin Bilici
  • Mustafa Dönmez
  • Başak Yavcan

Ethics Committee


  • Tuğrul ARAT
  • Sübidey TOGAN
  • Bozkurt ARAN

Founding Members


  • Tuğrul Arat
  • Belgin Akçay 
  • Can Baydarol
  • Mustafa Dönmez 
  • Selim Kuneralp
  • Derya Sevinç
  • Bahri Yılmaz 
  • Asuman Erdem